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ZNC Bar by r3m

This ‘gist’ was re-posted here with permission by the original author.



ElectroCode users now have the use of the following methods of authenticating. Method /msg NickServ id|identify SASL (EXTERNAL+PLAIN) CERTFP (/ns help cert)  


Days till Christmas How To

This post is a follow-up from ‘Easy Way to Get the Difference of Two Times in Python’, seen here. If confused, please read that first, then come back to this.   So, continuing from...


Little script I made

I’m a Help Staff on Rizon, and as such we have the responsibility of staffing RizonBNC, which has a rule that you have to be registered 7 days (1 week) before requesting a BNC,...

Weechat logo 0


So, as weechat is my #1, I thought I would save the best for last.  Its actually pretty easy to get things started in weechat, even adding servers and making weechat connect to them...



Connecting to IRC via KVIrc is a bit different than the other clients so far. ZNC doesn’t quite work well, as when KVIrc disconnects from the ZNC server, it can forget the password used...


Channels & Nicks expired due to restore

Due to an IO failure on the node the services is hosted on, services unexpectedly deleted its own database, thankfully we had a backup, though newer users and users with different nicks may have...

HexChat Logo 0


Since HexChat seems to be the goto for this type of client, that will be what this tutorial is about.  XChat is old, and mostly closed source, as far as my memory allows. Since...



Considering I made a post about my top IRC clients, I have been told, and have thought about showing a tutorial based on connecting and using such clients. First one being mIRC and AdiIRC....