Welcome Back

So when I first started the network there was a group of people that came from their respective IRC networks to help me, and donate servers, while some have gone their separate ways, there are some that come back to lend a helping hand after a long hiatus. So far, two of our founding members have come back, much to my surprise.

Recently it was jordy, once known as Aha2Y..

Now it is literally, the man who was my right hand man.. MSaki (same name :D)

I’m glad to have these people back with the network, and hope our new knowledge can help with our network in the future. MSaki has also been put on as an Editor of both the site and the FaceBook page. If you see him at all, be sure to welcome him back!

These people are the ones that were there, before the site, before the domains, and before the ‘network’, when they were around, we were just ‘a’ server. Now we are a network, with experience under our belt.

So, I thank those that connect to ElectroCode, and those that come back, and those that ride the ElectroCode express. Toot Toot!

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