Connecting to IRC via KVIrc is a bit different than the other clients so far. ZNC doesn’t quite work well, as when KVIrc disconnects from the ZNC server, it can forget the password used to connect, and will cause the client to connect to the default network, which can cause you all sorts of problems.

Lets Get our Clients


You have 3 choices, ‘Stable Packages’, ‘Git Snapshots’, or ‘Bleeding Edge’, Stable is 4.2.0, Git is at 4.9.2, which is just as stable, if not more stable than 4.2.0

When you first install it, you’ll get a start-up wizard, allowing you to set up your basics. If you want to set anything else, you’ll go through the regular settings.

Lets Start Connecting

So, as I said, there are differences in how you connect to IRC networks and bouncers while using KVIrc.

/server irc.lamenet.org 6667
/server -s irc.lamenet.org 6697
/server -s -p="LameUser/lamenet:lamepass1234" bnc.lamenet.org 1338
/server --ssl --password="LameUser/lamenet:lamepass1234" bnc.lamenet.ort 1338

KVIrc uses switches for its options, much like weechat does, but shorter(kinda).

/server -i host port
/server --ipv6 host port
/server -s host port
/server --ssl host port
Use vHost
/server -b="" host port
/server --bind-address="" host port
Run Command after Connection
/server -c="/oper LameOper SuperLameOperPass" host port
/server --command="/oper LameOper SuperLameOperPass" host port

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