Recently I’ve been working with xnite (owner of IRC-Source.com), on DNSBL.im.

DNSBL.im is meant to be a DNSBL (Domain Name Service Blacklist) for use on IRC and XMPP. And has multiple types that a host can fall under, five to be exact.

Tor 1 Holds Tor exit nodes
HTTP(S) 2 Houses HTTP(S) proxies
SOCKS(4/5) 3 Holds SOCKS(4/5) proxies
 Open Router 4 Holds hosts that have been found to be Open Routers (Routers accessible from the public internet with default credentials)
 Abusive Hosts 5 Holds hosts that have been found to be abusive, this can include spammers on IRC, to SSH Bruteforce-ing hosts we find via FAIL2BAN.


We’ve also made DNSBL module blocks for a few different IRCds, just select yours and it will show up.

Charybdis (2.2 & later)
UnrealIRCd 4.0.1+
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