Updates 18/Aug/17

While we haven’t posted in a while, we’ve not been dead, many things have been happening behind the scenes.

Each one will be categorized on where or with what community we worked with.


ElectroCode (etc.)

ElectroCode has been doing some rearranging and maintenance behind the scenes. We’ve decommissioned squirrel.* and brought in a new server, kojo, and we’ve also removed neko from public use and allowed only kojo and comit(SONA-Gaming’s Server) to be the current client servers. We’ve done this to cut down on the amount of redundancy we have had in the past. This allows us to be much more efficent in our configurations and our ease of updating, previously we’ve had upwards of 6 servers at one point, which is a nightmare to take care of. We will be updating to InspIRCd as soon as the next beta release comes out for 3.x, once that happens we will let you know in advance if any servers are slated to be restarted. We also suggest that if you have used single server connections to use our round-robin irc.electrocode.net, this allows us to place you on a server best suited to give you the least latency.

We’ve also updated our site theme, as you may have figured out if you read our posts directly through our website. We’re currently trying to find the best bootstrap using theme, and configuring it to our needs, if this doesn’t work out, we will be making our own theme, whether we do or not, if you notice any hiccups in the site’s look, then please let us know about it, so that we can fix it.

Coding Projects

Iota has been working on multiple projects of his own as well, currently most of his time (if not working his day job) is on pyrebrandly, rebrandlyrb, and several supybot/Limnoria plugins. The two most recent ones are MsgServer and Rebrandly
MsgServer allows flat text messages to be sent through a webhook built into the bot that sends them onto other channels, Rebrandly on the other hand is a plugin that uses Iota’s pyrebrandly library/package. Both of these projects are currently only used on private things, but if you do end up using it, let me know! Also, if you have any suggestions for changes or additions or would like a specific plugin made, let me know as well.



We (specifically Iota) have been working with xnite (IRC-Source, DataJunkie, xnite.net) to develop irc-source.com and utilities along with it.

If you would like to contact ElectroCode, or Iota, please see our contact page here.

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