New Community BeardBoard

A new community has decided to call ElectroCode its home, ‘BeardBoard‘ as its called, is a community of diverse individuals that have interest in the overall grooming, cleaning, growth, styling, and publicity of facial hair.

Some recount their growth stories. Others may offer advice on what to do to get a specific beard style. Others might be able to tell you if a specific style will look suitable on a specific face structure.

And I’d say I qualify to be in their community.




Wouldn’t you say so? Considering that, I think they’re a great fit for ElectroCode. I hope you think so too.

You can join BeardBoard on ElectroCode by joining #beardboard

Note: This post was supposed to go up a long time ago, but I never got enough time to think fully about it. I sincerely hope you’ll forgive me for being this late to the ‘party’.


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