About IRCCloud

IRCCloud is, as they say themselves, ‘an IRC client with a future’.  Unlike desktop clients like mIRC, HexChat, AdiIRC… Unlike terminal clients like irssi, weechat, and others. Unlike Android clients like AndroIRC, AndChat, Android IRC… IRCCloud is everywhere…

IRCCloud in a way, acts like a BNC or Bouncer, it keeps* your nickname online when you’re disconnected from it. 

Using IRCCloud

Once you’re using IRCCloud, there’s a few things to do, like adding networks, joining channels, customizing settings. 

For adding networks, if you haven’t purchased the ‘Solo’ plan, then you cannot ‘connect’ to more than 2 networks (other than IRCCloud’s own network).

If you do want to add a separate network, click the button either by looking in your menu (clicking on your email in the webapp or desktop app, or triple dot in the upper right hand corner on Android, and the gear next to the text box on iOS.

Once you find the applicable menu for your system, there should be a button or list-item with the following.

You will then be greeted with the form to add a network, your mileage may vary, but should look very similar to what is pictured here.

Some networks, like ElectroCode, IRCCloud, Rizon, etc. may be included in the dropdown.  If your network is not on the dropdown list, then you can try e-mailing [email protected].  Enter the port you want to connect the client through, and if it’s SSL enabled.  Choose your nickname and your ‘realname’, aka GECOS.

If you’ve got any channels you want to join on connect, enter them in the text box.

If you have a NickServ password or other ‘advanced’ option, then click the ‘Advanced Options’ button to un-hide those options.

If all was inputted correctly, you should’ve been connected to the network that you chose.  From then on its all you, if you need help with IRCCloud, you can contact me.


  • On a phone? There’s an app for that!
  • On a desktop? There’s a program for that!
  • Only have a web browser? They have a web client!

IRCCloud has a client for each type of device too.  Got Windows? Linux? Android? iOS?


  1. IRCCloud will disconnect you from the networks you are on, after a period of inactivity (If you can leave a internet connection up to it, you’re fine)
  2. If you can’t keep your connection up, but want your nickname to stay connected 24/7, then you will need to purchase a ‘Solo’ plan, which is $5 a month, or $50 a year (2 months free).
  3. Not every network allows IRCCloud, but most do allow it.
  4. If you are a / own a network, you can implement IRCCloud by using the Networks page on IRCCloud’s site.
    1. This is a few IPs you can set separate rules on. These IPs are the different server RDNS’s and IPs that users may connect from when using IRCCloud. Note: This page may change, so make sure to keep an eye on it to keep your network from going ‘loco’ on connections.

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