Traditional Looking Buffer List (WeeChat)

First, you’ll want to be in at least the 1.0 version of weechat. As this tutorial is based off usage in that version. Second, you will need to do a some things to get the client ready for the change.
/set irc.look.server_buffer independent
What this does is it makes it so you can make each server’s buffer independent (otherwise server stuff for all servers, goes to every server buffer) ​Third, you’ll need to install the scripts “” and “” if you don’t already have them.
/script install
Then, these should be put in.
/set buffers.look.show_number off
Because who wants their buffers numbered (not me at least)
/set buffers.look.indenting on
This allows the right kind of indenting hierarchy to take place (core/weechat->server->channels+queries) And then you should be good.

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