New Community BeardBoard

A new community has decided to call ElectroCode its home, ‘BeardBoard‘ as its called, is a community of diverse individuals that have interest in the overall grooming, cleaning, growth, styling, and publicity of facial hair.

Some recount their growth stories. Others may offer advice on what to do to get a specific beard style. Others might be able to tell you if a specific style will look suitable on a specific face structure.

And I’d say I qualify to be in their community.




Wouldn’t you say so? Considering that, I think they’re a great fit for ElectroCode. I hope you think so too.

You can join BeardBoard on ElectroCode by joining #beardboard

Note: This post was supposed to go up a long time ago, but I never got enough time to think fully about it. I sincerely hope you’ll forgive me for being this late to the ‘party’.


Updates 18/Aug/17

While we haven’t posted in a while, we’ve not been dead, many things have been happening behind the scenes.

Each one will be categorized on where or with what community we worked with.


ElectroCode (etc.)

ElectroCode has been doing some rearranging and maintenance behind the scenes. We’ve decommissioned squirrel.* and brought in a new server, kojo, and we’ve also removed neko from public use and allowed only kojo and comit(SONA-Gaming’s Server) to be the current client servers. We’ve done this to cut down on the amount of redundancy we have had in the past. This allows us to be much more efficent in our configurations and our ease of updating, previously we’ve had upwards of 6 servers at one point, which is a nightmare to take care of. We will be updating to InspIRCd as soon as the next beta release comes out for 3.x, once that happens we will let you know in advance if any servers are slated to be restarted. We also suggest that if you have used single server connections to use our round-robin, this allows us to place you on a server best suited to give you the least latency.

We’ve also updated our site theme, as you may have figured out if you read our posts directly through our website. We’re currently trying to find the best bootstrap using theme, and configuring it to our needs, if this doesn’t work out, we will be making our own theme, whether we do or not, if you notice any hiccups in the site’s look, then please let us know about it, so that we can fix it.

Coding Projects

Iota has been working on multiple projects of his own as well, currently most of his time (if not working his day job) is on pyrebrandly, rebrandlyrb, and several supybot/Limnoria plugins. The two most recent ones are MsgServer and Rebrandly
MsgServer allows flat text messages to be sent through a webhook built into the bot that sends them onto other channels, Rebrandly on the other hand is a plugin that uses Iota’s pyrebrandly library/package. Both of these projects are currently only used on private things, but if you do end up using it, let me know! Also, if you have any suggestions for changes or additions or would like a specific plugin made, let me know as well.



We (specifically Iota) have been working with xnite (IRC-Source, DataJunkie, to develop and utilities along with it.

If you would like to contact ElectroCode, or Iota, please see our contact page here.

New Projects

I’ve got a few projects and a few things I’m working on right now,

  • Updates to IRC-Source and
  • A GitLab & GitHub webhook
  • bootstrapping of this site
  • bootstrapping of DNSBL API pages
  • And a few more things


ElectroCode users now have the use of the following methods of authenticating.

/msg NickServ id|identify
CERTFP (/ns help cert)


Channels & Nicks expired due to restore

Due to an IO failure on the node the services is hosted on, services unexpectedly deleted its own database, thankfully we had a backup, though newer users and users with different nicks may have to re-register, some nicks and channels also expired once the database and services caught wind of the time. So below are the nicks and channels that services expired. If you are missing something let an oper know promptly. You can see this page, to find ways to contact us.

Nicks Lost


RoboKill dnsk
Skarner(fixed) Revan
Daniel Youssef_
Pigeon Scott
Seth hentai(Skora)
Firetruck(Funta) Sarah(fixed)


Channels Lost
#nohomo(Seth) #politics(Skora)
#dj(dnsk) #EDM(Skora)


Bot Assigner

I’ve recently made a little javascript IRC command helper, I’ll be making more. But now people can use this page to get a command to add a bot to their channel, the page has all the public bots we have.  Select the channel name, and enter the bot name you want after looking through the list, then submit and it will show you the command to enter.

New Things

As I said before, there would be some changes and additions, and I’ve added/installed a wiki, and forums for the network. Both are currently under construction, but suggestions may be sent, through any of our contact channels, see on our contact page here.


Forum: Partnership

Recently ElectroCode has partnered up with to give them and their users another way to interact and connect with each other.

Currently, the network houses a few related channels.

#indietapes – Official Channel
#EDM – Skora owned Electronic Dance Music Channel
#dj – The DJ hangout at ElectroCode IRC

Few Changes

  1. We’ve switched over to nginx, which I thought we’d never do. Its quite a change, but its doing very well so far.
  2. Scripts domain now goes through nginx->thin->sinatra instead of using passenger, which isn’t well supported on nginx, but now uses a pure ruby middle-man. (thin is a webserver gem)
  3. Some stuff may still need to be worked on or updated, so let us know anywhere you can if something is wrong.


Scripts sub-domain updated

I’ve fixed up the scripts sub-domain so that, only the right IPs can access the motd and rules, as well as making a better index page for the sub-domain.


  • If this page or post could use some sprucing up, let us know by contacting us through this link