New Projects

I’ve got a few projects and a few things I’m working on right now, Updates to IRC-Source and A GitLab & GitHub webhook bootstrapping of this site bootstrapping of DNSBL API pages And a few more things


ElectroCode users now have the use of the following methods of authenticating. Method /msg NickServ id|identify SASL (EXTERNAL+PLAIN) CERTFP (/ns help cert)  

Channels & Nicks expired due to restore

Due to an IO failure on the node the services is hosted on, services unexpectedly deleted its own database, thankfully we had a backup, though newer users and users with different nicks may have to re-register, some nicks and channels also expired once the database Read More …

Bot Assigner

I’ve recently made a little javascript IRC command helper, I’ll be making more. But now people can use this page to get a command to add a bot to their channel, the page has all the public bots we have.  Select the channel name, and Read More …