Trouble with Rooting?

So lets say you want to root your phone.. well there is an app where if it can it will root it automatically. It’s called towelroot.

Now there is a few tricks you need to do.

First. You need to go to the towelroot website. You will need to click/tap the lambda image. This will cause you to download the free apk.

Second, before you run it. You need to find your modstring for your device from

Then run the app, click the v3 symbol to bring up the input box. Put the string in this by replacing it with the string from the aforementioned page. Then hit the lambda symbol 3 times and look to see what it says.. If you get “unsupported” then try it again. Otherwise you should get that the app was successful in rooting your device.

Now being Indexed

While our site isn’t being indexed it seems, the actual network is now being indexed by is actively developed, and much better maintained than So far the moderation panel is pretty minimal, with expansions planned in the near future. It has been said that is in the idea to “extend on the former project”, getting its predecessor’s own features in and then adding on from there. Both user and network have profiles, with the network moderation panel seeming to be the main focus at the present time.

Here’s a screenshot of the panel as of 10/3/15 (3/10/15 for non-us)

Network Moderation Panel Screenshot

Set Back Up

So everything is all set back up, all that’s left to do is set up SSL (Edit 12/26/15: Merry Christmas, this has been done for a while now, but I’m always setting up new things!)

Here’s me at my computer:

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