As of the beginning of March, I (Iota) have been recruited by DNSBL.im to help with development of an import system and an IRC Bot to ease in maintenance.

DNSBL.im’s motto is ‘Kicking spam in its ass’, which we’ve already hooked a few of our SSH servers to blacklist any IP that tries to bruteforce the box.

DNSBL.im is meant to be a DNSBL (Domain Name Service Blacklist) for use on IRC and XMPP. And has multiple types that a host can fall under, five to be exact.

Tor 1 Holds Tor exit nodes
HTTP(S) 2 Houses HTTP(S) proxies
SOCKS(4/5) 3 Holds SOCKS(4/5) proxies
Open Router 4 Holds hosts that have been found to be Open Routers (Routers accessible from the public internet with default credentials)
Abusive Hosts 5 Holds hosts that have been found to be abusive, this can include spammers on IRC, to SSH Bruteforce-ing hosts we find via FAIL2BAN.


We’ve also made DNSBL module blocks for a few different IRCds, just select yours and it will show up.

Charybdis (2.2 & later)
UnrealIRCd 4.0.1+

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