Server rules

  1. Deathmatching is disallowed. (Strictly Enforced)
  2. Self defense is not allowed , /report instead.
  3. Cop Hunting (Chasing a cop and ramming him to kill them etc.) is disallowed. And is strictly enforced
  4. Spamming is disallowed.
  5. At all times, follow the ‘admins / mods’ instructions, and do not reveal their identities.
  6. Use of a tool, modification that alters the game’s performance and gives you an advantage over the other players is considered cheating.
  7. Advertising is disallowed.
  8. Any misuse of a bug you find is forbidden, please report it in the Bug Reports section instead.
  9. Do not use any other method of reporting a rule violator than the /report command.
  10. Improper use of server commands is disallowed.
  11. Car parking on players is disallowed.
  12. If you got denied / kicked from any faction you have to wait for two weeks before applying for another, but it depends on the preferences of the administrators.
  13. You need to stay in a faction for more than 2 weeks before you can change it else you will be blacklisted from the other 2 factions permanently.
  14. You need to watch your mouth. Insulting leads to a punishment. ( even if you was just kidding it may be reported and it will be valid )
  15. The use of AutoHotKey or any Keybind program to gain an advantage is forbidden.
  16. G abuse is forbidden, g abuse is getting in an unoccupied vehicle with a weapon like the Desert Eagle to avoid getting hit and to kill people.
  17. Tazer spam is not allowed, this doesn’t include tazing twice or thrice because cuffing failed. ( Spam tazing is keeping the player at the same spot on purpose without the intention to ticket/suspect/cuff/arrest the player or to just annoy him )
  18. If there is a wanted person in a vehicle and there are innocent civilians or cops in it, you are allowed to shoot the vehicle. You can’t shoot the vehicle if a cop or innocent civilian is tied up in it (/kidnap) or if there is a cop driving and heading to a /dropoff point.
  19. You are not allowed to ram someone off their bike or to ram to let their vehicle explode to be able to rape, rob, kidnap or kill them with an exception to law enforcement officers or players who have been robbed, raped or kidnapped by the player you want to ram. This rule has been made to prevent players from ramming other players out of their vehicles so they can rape, rob, kidnap or kill them.
  20. Score farming is forbidden, score farming is going to a remote, difficult to reach area or a place where cops can’t arrest and /rob each other to gain score. This rule has been added because some people don’t understand rule 9 and also falls under any type of command to farm score or stats.

IRC Rules

  1. Admins on IRC are almost always 99.9999999% justified in what they do.
    • This is especially true for Jeroen and Iota/ZeeNoodleyGamer, as they manage the network as a whole.
  2. Please refrain from excessive use of commands. IRC and game/bot commands combined

  3. Don’t be a douchenozzle (Don’t be an asshole)

Forum rules

  1. Spamming (including one word replies, quoting without any of your own writing, double posts and pyramids, voting through the comments even if there is a poll) is disallowed.
  2. Insulting other forum users is disallowed.
  3. Discussions about politics, race or religions are disallowed, this is to keep the forum neutral for everyone.
  4. Posting something not related to the topic, thus derailing it, is disallowed.
  5. Posting forbidden content such as pornography, warez, copyrighted material without permission, torrents, advertisements are disallowed. *
  6. Linking forbidden content such as pornography, warez, copyrighted material without permission, torrents, advertisements are disallowed. *
  7. Bringing back a topic older than 1 month with a reply that’s considered spam is disallowed.
  8. You may not use a Image Service with popups or more than 1 advertisement, you can use the Forum Upload Attachment function.
  9. Posting something that breaks any law in any way is disallowed and can be erased.
  10. You need to follow these rules about using Languages on the forum >><<.
  11. Discrimination is not allowed.
  12. Do not ask to get unbanned from the server via PM, you can’t get unbanned this way or you will get banned on the forum as well.
  13. Do not whore for rep or ask for rep, let it flow in the normal way.
  14. Do not have over-sized signatures. An ideal size would be any width between 0px and 700px, and any height between 0px and 150px.
  15. We don’t like one word replies. When posting to suggestions, submit long and well-written responses. No “+1” or “Good idea”. And when replying to a topic like ‘What do you like most’ don’t just give a plain answer, give a response why and submit full English sentences.
  16. Please create descriptive topic subjects, so people understand what the topic is about before clicking on it.

Event rules


99999999. Obey these additional rules: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=1274

Admins reserve the right to alter these rules at any time. Any changes will be taken into effect immediately. Posting Torrents/Warez or linking Torrents/Warez is strictly forbidden on the forum and WILL give you at least a 5 day ban, get your post removed or possibly account suspended forever if you keep on violating this, there is no exception of a torrent, even if it is legal (like car mods) or chain-linked or even if it is a tutorial like a “How to get”.

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