Linking Requirements


  • Proportional Amount of users:
    • If you are one server, then your user count must be equal to our average user count per client-only server. (Currently Not Used due to size)
    • If you are a network, then your user count must be equal or more than our user count 
  • You must be willing to let your servers be renamed to *, and most importantly, allow the change of NETWORK to ElectroCode. as we will be the prominent network.
  • Applicants must be trustworthy, and willing to follow directions as well as being active once you are accepted into the network (If you don’t use it, you lose it).. 
  • Servers must be good or best quality, VPS or Dedi (Home servers by discretion of staff)
    • The server host should have good customer support, as well as good servers and stability, a server that goes down every month or few is not stable.
  • No Free VPSs, as they are not reliable nor are they usually lenient on the running of IRCds
  • All servers will undergo a trial period during which your performance, trustworthiness, and other facets will be evaluated.
  • All servers must be run on a non private user account, and access details for the account must be given to the Routing Admins.
    • The routing admins will be the persons that you will contact to change or add something in your configuration, if you change or add something that the Senior Staff Members or Routing Admins disapprove of; which includes new operators local or otherwise, and/or any other configuration change, you may inter disciplinary action upon yourself.
  • The VPSs or Dedi in question must not have any issues that may risk it being unstable at unpredictable points, this includes but is not limited to:
    • Torrenting
    • Unknown User Accounts/Applications
    • Poorly Configured Networking


  • Prospective but not currently connected persons may contact Iota via the following methods
    • Calling: 18022220843
    • Texting:         “”
    • Emailing: [email protected]
    • FaceBook: Messaging ElectroCode’s Page at
    • Twitter: Tweeting at or Direct Messaging @electrocodenet
    • Tumblr: Submitting a text post mentioning/or to ElectroCode’s Tumblr
    • All accounts/pages have the ElectroCode logo.


This page is subject to change at any time, please check back often, in case of changes. Thank You.

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