So, as weechat is my #1, I thought I would save the best for last.  Its actually pretty easy to get things started in weechat, even adding servers and making weechat connect to them at the start can all be done in one line, granted with some typing.

Let’s Get Our Clients

weechat is great through SSH and when used as your direct client. On Windows, you can use it through putty, or install it in CygWin. If you’re on a Debian derived distribution, you can use ‘apt-get install weechat‘, of course, if you aren’t the root user, you will need to add ‘sudo’ to the front of that. Anyways.. Lets get our client downloading.


sudo apt-get install weechat weechat-scripts


I’m assuming you already have CygWin. Start up the package downloader, and either, go into Net and find everything, or enter ‘weechat’ into the search field, and select pretty much everything that comes up for it.


If you’ve got something else, or you’re looking for something else, see their download page here.

Let’s Start Connecting

Connecting to a network with the right options the first time is pretty easy for weechat users, as you can give all your options in one line.

Normal Connection

/connect irc.lamenet.org/6667

SSL Connection

/connect irc.lamenet.org/6697 -ssl

SSL Connection (Don’t Verify Certificates)

/connect irc.lamenet.org/6697 -ssl -nossl_verify

Now what if you have a server you want to connect to that has a password?

/connect irc.lamenet.org/6697 -ssl -nossl_verify -password="ServerPass"

What about SASL???

/connect irc.lamenet.org/6697 -ssl -nossl_verify -sasl_username="LameUser" -sasl_password="lamepass1234" -sasl_mechanism="PLAIN"

What if I have a certificate??

/connect irc.lamenet.org/6697 -ssl -nossl_verify -ssl_cert="%h/ssl/Cert.pem"

Setting up networks

The format for adding servers/networks and connecting to them directly is basically the same.

/server add LameNet irc.lamenet.org/6667 -[no]option=""

Lets try adding LameNet in as having a certificate”

/server add LameNet irc.lamenet.org/6697 -ssl -ssl_verify -ssl_cert="%h/ssl/Cert.pem"

What about if you want weechat to connect automatically when it starts?

/server add LameNet irc.lamenet.org/6697 -ssl -ssl_verify -autoconnect

“I have a certain RDNS I want shown, what do I do? (IPV6 type)”

If you have a /64, its going to look something like this 2004:2345:2:123::/64, you’re going to enter something like this

/server add LameNet irc6.lamenet.org/6697 -ssl -ssl_verify -ipv6 -local_hostname="2004:2345:2:123::4051:0001"

Given the previous was using IPV6, why don’t we look at a simple line to use it on a hostname that allows both IPV4 & IPV6.

/server add irc.lamenet.org/6697 -ssl -ssl_verify -ipv6

Wasn’t too hard was it? I would hope not.

Extra Stuff

Now that we’ve got you connected and roaming, how about we start showing some advanced uses or convenient plugins to have.


buffers.pl is a perl script(.pl) that gives users a buffer list, which if you’re used to most any other client, then this should be the first script you download/install. There are some extra things you can do with it, including making it look like a regular tree list of windows. See our post here, you’re also going to want to make sure you use /mouse toggle if you want to use your mouse to select your buffers.

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